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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nothing In Particular by Kate LeDonne @originlbookgirl #Excerpt #Fiction #BYNR

Mandy rolls her eyes with a bored sigh and begins to stomp over. The twittering dimwits disperse as if someone has set their gigantic, permed, blonde hair on fire. “Sorry you had to deal with a crowd of the brainless today. Just remember, we only have the rest of this year and next year — then we are off to college where we will be among intelligent life!” she replies with a manic grin. Together we trudge out to the parking lot, climb into her silver hatchback, and throw in a mixed tape.

My mood improves on the drive home with a little blast of Public Image Limited. I adore John Lydon, a.k.a. Johnny Rotten. His venom toward the inanely stupid gives me more pleasure than a vibrator ever could. Mr. Rotten screams, bellows and wails that talking to these people is a waste of time, and they need to crawl back in their own dustbin. Screw Mrs. Starling. Screw them all.

I climb out of the 1985 Ford Escort that is plastered with Oingo Boingo, PiL and Skinny Puppy bumper stickers and a random sticker that states, “The religious right is WRONG”.

“So what do you feel like doing this weekend?” Mandy asks, leaning over from the driver’s seat.

“Hmmm — I dunno. I have a lot of housework to do. I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll see then, OK?” I mutter, knowing that a dreary weekend of chores surely lies ahead.

“When is your mom going to start acting like a mom?” She yells out the driver’s side window in exasperation as she pulls out of the driveway.

“Five past never!” I holler back.

I walk through the blue-and-white checked kitchen and start heading up to my room when I am summoned.

“Kiiiieeeerrraaa! Get in here!” screeches Mom from the living room.

Oh crap. I just got here. What could possibly be a problem already?

“Kiera!!” Her voice pierces my thoughts like a hundred tiny daggers.

“I’m coming! Geez, give me a sec…” I reply, rolling my eyes and wishing I had a magic wand to transport myself far away, or into a different life.

“I need you to get dinner going right now. Your father has had a rough day and I haven’t had time to do a thing. You know how he gets…” she slurs. As usual, she is sprawled in her La-Z-Boy with a half empty scotch and soda in her hand and some soap opera on TV.

“Got it. Is the food already in the fridge or do I need to go to the store?” I say, already guessing the answer as I run upstairs to my room to drop my things inside.

“Don’t get smart with me, young lady! Take my car, and get the meat and salad,” she snaps, her finger stabbing in the direction of the key rack hanging on the kitchen wall.


Fasten your seatbelts for a white-knuckled ride on the looney wagon and trip down memory lane with a band of misfit teenagers. Kiera Graves and her small posse of true blue friends plot ways to escape their cowtown; and play a game of keep away with her Machiavellian family to help her survive high school and make it to college.

Courage under fire, the closest bonds of friendship and blossoming romance keep this tale of coming of age and survival buzzing with excitement, heart, and warmth.

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Genre - General Fiction
Rating – PG-13
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