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Thursday, November 6, 2014

@KirstenWriter on the Ingredients for a Satisfying Reading Experience #AmReading #TBR #Suspense

Eeek! She’s Gonna Crash! The Joys and Perils of a Towering TBR Pile
By Kirsten Mortensen

The leaning tower of Pisa? Ha. That’s nothing. You should see my To Be Read pile!

I can’t help it, I guess. I love books so much, and I’m interested in so many different types of books and so many authors, that I always end up buying more books than I could possibly read.

And, to make it worse, I’m one of those people who reads multiple books at once. At any given moment, I’ve got a half dozen books piled up next to my bed with bookmarks stuck in them. I’ve got another half dozen in my Kindle that I’ve started, then set aside.

But you know what? I’ve made peace with it. I know that some of the books in my TBR pile will remain unread on the day I breathe my last.

And is there anything wrong with that!

No, I say!

Oh, sure, it’s satisfying to finish a book. It’s like finishing any project. You close the cover—or click past the last page on the e-reader—and sit back, and you get this marvelous feeling of accomplishment. Even aside from the pleasure of a well-realized plot, there’s a sense that you did it. You completed the journey. You crossed something important off your to-do list.

But I’m also of the opinion that guilt is never a very helpful emotion. So why torture yourself needlessly if you have books you don’t get to? Or books you start but don’t finish?

They still serve a purpose. Maybe that indie title you bought helped push a book onto a best seller list. Maybe the classic sitting on your shelf will one day spark the interest of a young family member, and start him or her on a reading journey.

And in the meantime, having a generous TBR pile is a bit like having a well-stocked pantry.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, chances are you’ll find the exact book you need at that moment. You have all the ingredients on hand for a satisfying reading experience: your own personal library, there for the sampling.

So to me, my leaning pile of to-be-reads is never a burden. It’s a blessing—it’s a towering stack of  riches.

How about you? Do you ever feel anxious or stressed about your TBR pile? Or does the pleasure of knowing you have plenty of books in your reading queue make you feel good?


A woman's worst nightmare

Drugged by something...that makes her think she's fallen in love.

All Haley Dubose has ever known is beaches and malls, clubs and cocktail dresses.

But now her father is dead.

And if she wants to inherit her father's fortune, she has to leave sunny Southern California
for a backwater little town near Syracuse, New York. She has to run RMB, the multimillion dollar
chemical company her father founded. And she has to run it well.

Keep RMB on track, and she'll be rich. Grow it, and she'll be even richer. But mess it up, and her inheritance will shrink away before she gets a chance to spend a dime.

Donavon Todde is her true love. But is it too late?

He's RMB's head of sales – and the more Donavon sees of Haley, the more he's smitten.
Sure, she comes across at first as naïve and superficial. But Donavon knew Haley's father. He can see the man's better qualities stirring to life in her eyes. And Donavon senses something else: Haley's father left her a legacy more important than money. He left her the chance to discover her true self.

Donavon has demons of his own.
He's reeling from a heartbreak that's taking far too long to heal. But he's captivated by this blond Californian, and not only because of her beauty. It's chemistry. They're right for each other. But has Donavon waited too long to woo this woman of his dreams? Because to his horror, his beautiful Haley falls under another spell. Gerad's spell.

A web of evil.

Gerad Picket was second-in-command at RMB when Haley's father was alive. And with Haley on the scene, he's in charge of her training. But there are things about RMB that Gerad doesn't want Haley to know.

And he must control her. Any way he can.

Romantic suspense for your Kindle

Will Haley realize that her feelings are not her TRUE feelings?
Does Donavon have the strength left to fight for the woman he loves?
Will the two of them uncover Gerad's plot to use RMB pheromones to enslave the world?
And even if they do – can they stop it?

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Genre – Romantic suspense
Rating – PG-13
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