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Friday, June 13, 2014

10 Things You Didn’t Know About @EileenMakysm #GoodReads #YA #Paranormal

1)    Eileen has three siblings: her older half-sister Christine, younger sister Michelle, and younger brother Ben.
2)    She was born in Carbondale, IL, a college town and home to Southern Illinois University, where her parents met.  Her family left Illinois when she was still a baby, and she grew up in Naples, Florida, a city of sharp contrasts: between nature and development, elderly retirees and young families, tourists and residents, the wealthy in million dollar beach front homes and the struggling middle to lower class on the other side of highway 41.
3)    One of her favorite TV shows as a kid was The Mysterious Cities of Gold, an animated show that was a complicated mix of historical and science fiction about three children searching for the eponymous cities during the time of the Conquistadors.  Many of her early stories were basically fanfic for the show!
4)    Growing up, Eileen at times wanted to be a parachutist, an astronaut, a biologist, a lawyer and an actress, but she’s always wanted to be a writer.
5)    During high school she was active in The Naples Players, a local community theater.  She acted in Bye Bye Birdie, Into The Woods, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and Stop The World, I Want to Get Off, and worked backstage onNunsense and Little Shop Of Horrors.
6)    Eileen went to Yale, where she started off majoring in biology, switched to psychology, then finished up in philosophy.  She was very active in a number of organizations, including Yale Children’s Theater, The Party of the Right, and the Yale Precision Marching Band.  If you’re wondering when she slept, the answer is hardly ever!  She considered three hours to be a decent night’s sleep, and drank a prodigious amount of coffee.
7)    In college, Eileen was also a member of The Anti-Gravity Society, a group that teaches and practices juggling and other circus arts.  She learned how to juggle balls, clubs, knives and torches, crack a bullwhip, and breathe and swallow fire.  The latter two came in handy for the group’s yearly Fire Show on Halloween.
8)    Eileen stage managed a number of plays as an undergrad, including a production of The Tempest  that was staged at the university’s olympic-sized swimming pool.  Her favorite production was of her favorite play,Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard.  She’s very proud of that production, and thinks it was worth the symbolic logic class she flunked that semester.
9)    Eileen has a Masters Degree in Theology from Weston Jesuit School of Theology (which is now the theology school at Boston College).  Her concentration was Theological Ethics, and she had a particular interest in the problem of suffering.
10) Eileen loves animals!  Growing up she had cats, a dog, parakeets, a chicken, ducks, a rabbit, and a truly ridiculous number of guinea pigs.  Currently she has a dog named Blaze and a 19-year-old cat named Jane.  Both are rescue animals: Blaze came to the family from a kind woman who rescued her off the side of the road as a puppy, and Jane has been with Eileen since her junior year at Yale, when she adopted her from the New Haven Cat Project.

Tara Martin – exceptionally accomplished neurobiology major with a troubled past. Steven Trent – confident political science major with an irresistible attraction to Tara. Paul Stratton – history major who is able to hear spirits. Together, they make up the Society for Paranormal Researchers at their prestigious New England University. When they’re not in class or writing papers, the three friends are chasing their passion….ghosts.
When the group learns of a local retired couple trying to sell a house they claim is haunted, they decide to investigate. As the clues unfold, a familiar spirit interrupts their investigation and Tara finds her life in danger. Can her friends save her before it’s too late?
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Genre – YA paranormal, NA paranormal
Rating – PG-13
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